Some Thoughts On Politics: Election Reform

Elected officials should do better upholding the platforms they claimed to uphold when their electorate agreed to allow them to take office. Campaign finance issues are a big part of why that isn’t how things work right now – between the political action committees electioneering races and the lobbyists writing legislation that office holders frequently support just to gain favor with someone and don’t even read what they’re supporting, most of the system is set up now to select weak officials who do what they’re told and in return get to keep their positions for about as long as they want. Personally, I think that some variation of term limits could help break that pattern. I’m partial to the non-consecutive term limits that Virginia places on its governors. You can be elected to office as many times as you’re able to get the votes, but you can’t run for the office you just held for the term subsequent to your election. If nothing else, it would at least double the number of people on the board, and it would do a good job of forcing voters to actually make choices rather than just doing whatever the guy who’s already there wants.


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